Photo Session Details & Process


I truly enjoy working and connecting with people who have a sincere appreciation for this art we call photography. I look forward to taking on work that inspires me and challenges me. I work my best when I do what I love, and when I find it, I love pouring my all in it. Please do not hesitate to email me at hello@carmencreative.com, or use the contact form above if you have any questions for me.blog21

Once you have decided to have your portraits taken by me, I highly recommend booking your session at least two weeks in advance.  Booking in advance will give me enough time to accommodate you while giving you enough time to get well prepared for your shoot.  Please keep in mind that no session is fully booked until a contract is signed, and a non-refundable deposit fee of $75 is paid in order to secure your spot. As of right now, I am only available to shoot on weekends.

Once the date of the shoot is chosen, I will email you a client contract form for you to sign and return to me. You can securely make a deposit by going here.

I understand emergency situations may arise, or even the weather might decide to be against us. If we must cancel, together we will look at our calendars and reschedule for the next available date.

The next step is where the fun part begins! I will send you a client questionnaire form to get to know you better. We will then discuss in details anything and everything related to your shoot. I will provide you with ideas on how to style for your session, and inform you on how to prepare well for your shoot. My goal is for you to enjoy the process from beginning to end without any pressure, and I will do my best to make you feel comfortable during the shoot and provide you with a fun and positive experience. Every shoot becomes unique and naturally develops into something special and personal.

After your session, my work will not be over yet. My workflow consists of sorting through all the photos and picking out the best that reflect my style. I fully edit each and every image by hand, so please allow up to two weeks. Once images are ready, I will present you a private gallery of the photos to view online so that you may choose your favorite portraits from there.

Once your photos are ready, I will hand you a print release with your images. A print release is an agreement stating that I have given permission to my client to print images from their CD. They are allowed to print at a lab of their choice.  It is only giving permission to print, it does not give permission to alter the images or sell the images. All images are copyrighted and owned by Carmen Creative Studios.

Thank you so much for choosing me to be your photographer. This is not about a photo session, it’s about capturing a moment in time – memories that can be celebrated for generations to come.  I can’t wait to meet with you and create some lovely images together!


Once the photo session date is confirmed, please feel free to securely make your payment by clicking this image below.