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Hey there!
My name is Carmen. I'm a virtual photographer who's passionate about helping creatives and apparel businesses rock their photography game with high-quality stylish mock-ups! My shop currently houses over 1,500 beautifully styled images to choose from. You can find a large collection of Bridal & Bachelorette designs to Mommy and Me sets! I'm also available for custom work if you need something unique for your brand!

Hello, there!

Welcome to the new site! I't's been a while since I last posted on here. I am starting fresh and with a new design, since it was really needed. I am in love with how things look now - so hopefully this pushes me to blog now! ;)

So where have I been all this time? Well, I've been growing a baby and a business simultaneously in the last two years, and since that is no easy job - I had to prioritize what was really important to me at the moment and bring to a pause the stuff that could be handled later in the future.

Last year was a year of growth for me (business wise), but as growth came so did the challenges. I feel I neglected myself, my sleep, my well being, even my spiritual life for the sake of work. It was a wake up call for me when one issue after another issue arose and I ended up, well, visiting the doctor way too many times, and then referred to two different specialists for my symptoms. Thankful that my testings came back normal, I decided that this year I wasn't going to let work control me, the circumstances that are out of my control - control me, etc. And since God is always in control, He will be the one I will cast my cares on to. He's strong enough, powerful enough, more than enough to handle anything and everything. On 2020 and beyond, I decided I would let go, and let God.

Didn't mean for this post to get a little personal, but if you can relate, feel free to leave a comment below and share your thoughts, or save/pin this Bible verse to remind yourself that you don't have to do it alone. You can find rest in Him when you cast your worries, your anxiety, your fear to the One who holds the universe in his hand.


  1. Hi Carmen,

    Loving your site and content. Also love how the theme's design fits so perfectly on your content.

    1. Hi Mae, Thank you for stopping by, and for your sweet comment! ;)

    2. No biggies. Expect me to be around every now and then to show support. I'm at www.maemagtibay.com if you'd like to get in touch :)


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